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ICYMI: Delaware House passes blockchain legislation



Delaware’s House of Representatives has passed landmark legislation that will allow shares to be traded on a blockchain. All amendments of Delaware Senate Bill 69 were passed by the House on June 30, just hours before the close of the legislative session. The bill, which was passed by the State Senate earlier in June, is expected to go to Governor Carney later this month for his signature, and take effect on August 1.  


The new legislation will allow companies to create and maintain corporate records, including stock ledgers, on a blockchain to better track and verify stock ownership, and improve transaction time and proxy voting.


A “tweet storm” quickly ensued after the vote as fans of blockchain and Delaware jumped on social media to share the exciting news!


Caitlin Long Tweets


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In case you missed it, here are some of the top articles:


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Watch: Putting public records on the blockchain

Forbes and KPMG covered the Delaware Blockchain Initiative in their series, “The Great Rewrite,” which explores “the profound forces at work in business and beyond.”

Watch Andrea Tinianow, director of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative, as she shares about the technology and how it will change the way the world does business.


The Great Rewrite Blockchain


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